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Aliplast – a leading manufacturer of aluminium sections

Aliplast – a market leaders in the development of aluminium systems for the construction industry – started the initial construction of its new headquaters in Lublin Economic Subzone in July 2008.
During the first stage of the construction Aliplast is going to build 13 000 m² of production plants including a modern powder paintshop with two Gema cabins, production line for bending aluminium profiles with the output of 150 units per hour as well as a modern office building of 1 650 m².

Currently the investment is at the finishing stage. In the second phase of the investment some additional premises with the production line to press aluminium and another paintshop are being built. Jan Kidaj, the president of Aliplast, says: “As far as the employees are concerned, after completing the second stage of the investment we are going to employ 220 people and 300 people ultimately. We are in the constant process of recruitment since people interested in working for us come to Aliplast every day. Introducing new methods of aluminium processing into Lublin creates new opportinities for universities to extend this field of studies, for aluminium being one of the most popular material used in consctruction and many other sector.”
Aliplast in Lublin provides more than 200 companies in Poland and Europe (especially in Chech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus) with window and door aluminium systems. Export constitutes 18% of the total sale and last year the company received a commision for aluminium profiles for construction of a new PSA Peugeot-Citroen factory, which turned out to be an immense success. What are the palns for the future? The company wants to specialize in designing and developing the product and increasing its sale at the same time. Winter garden profiles are also becoming more popular.
Mr Jan Kidaj adds:” Locating our new headquaters in Lublin Economic Subzone is beneficial for our company not only because of tax exemptions but also because of the close proximity of eastern market outlets, where we are planning to enhance our position. Another unquestionable advantage of the location is the close proximity of the airport.”

For more information on Aliplast see: www.aliplast.pl