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Janda, Figura and Ostaszewska as Mesdames Dulska in a Bajon's movie

The shooting for the latest Filip Bajon's movie called Panie Dulskie [Mesdames Dulska] started on Wednesday, January 14.
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8th 'Sputnik Over Poland’ Russian Film Festival

‘Chatka Żaka’ art house cinema presents a selection of Russian films from ‘Sputnik Over Poland’ Russian Film Festival for the eighth time. Warsaw festival usually takes place in autumn and more than 40 Polish cities, including Lublin, participate in this event.

Women's Basketball Stars’ Game at Globus

Women's Basketball Stars’ Game will take place on February 28 at the Globus sports and entertainment arena. The game will be played by the Polish National Team against International Stars of Tauron Women's Basket League. The tickets are already available for sale. You can also take part in an online voting for the players that will form the International Stars team.


Modern Investment in Lublin

A commercial and residential complex, the largest one in the region and the Eastern Poland, will be built on a 5-hectare plot of the former Municipal Transport Company depot, at the intersection of ul. Nałęczowska and al. Kraśnicka. Lublin-based property development company Centrum Zana Holding will build several buildings intended for offices, commercial premises and flats, with a total area of 100 thousand square meters.

Volleyball School Centre Academy Sets Off

Four Volleyball School Centre Academies begin their activity in Lublin. It is a Polish national program that, by means of volleyball trainings, promotes physical activity among young people. 19 schools from Lublin participate in the program. Zespół Szkół nr 5 [Schools Complex No. 5], Gimnazjum nr 5 [Lower High School No. 5], V Liceum ogólnokształcące [High School no. 5] and Gimnazjum nr 18 [lower High School No. 18] are the initiators of the action.



Dziesiąta district was a royal village in the past. It was established in the 14th century, when King Casimir the Great gave it to the Lublin archdeaconry. At that time, it was populated by the royal falconers. In the 16th century, the village was owned by a friend and the chief character of one of Jan Kochanowski’s epigrams – Jakub Montana – an archdeacon and a doctor from Lublin.