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Let Us Move Towards Kindness

"Kindness is within us all. Give up your seat. Say thank you.” This is the slogan of the social campaign that started in December. Giving up a seat to others on public transport is the main concern of the action.
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Poland vs Rest of the World Handball Match at Globus

The best national handball stars will play in the meeting of Poland against the Rest of the World. The game will take place on Sunday, December 14, at “Globus” Sports and Entertainment Hall in Lublin. The whole revenue from tickets sales and advertisements will be donated for the treatment of Tomasz Strząbała, assistant coach of Vive Tauron Kielce.

Great opportunity for medical tourism in Lublin

Medical centres in Lublin were visited by the foreign agents of medical tourism. The event was initiated by Klaster Lubelska Medycyna [Lublin Medical Cluster]. During the study visit, meetings were held in LuxMed, CM Medicos, Gastromed and in health resort Nałęczów.


Christmas Festival 2014

Santa’s Procession, Christmas Fair, Christmas Eve in the Old Town, “Aniołkowo” workshops and caroling by the Crib – these attractions, together with light sets in the centre of Lublin, will evoke the Christmas spirit during Christmas Festival.

2014 – a year of City bikers

The first season of Lublin City Bike [Lubelski Rower Miejski, LRM] was closed on November 30, 2014. This year Lublin had the most advanced and second largest city bike system in Poland. Over 22 thousand people registered in the system within 2.5 months. The bikes were rented over 128 thousand times. Bicycles will be available on the city streets again after winter break – in spring 2015.



Lublin is one of Poland’s three cities that still operate a regular trolleybus line. Other two cities are Tychy and Gdynia.
One of the Soviet ZIU trolleybuses owned by the Municipal Public Transport Company (MPK) was renovated in 2003. The old regular seats were taken out, and restaurant tables were installed, along with a small bar and toilets. The new version is called ZIUTEK and may be used for promotional activities.