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Opening of House of Words

House of Words [pol. Dom Słów] was brought to live on the foundations of Chamber of Printing [pol. Izba Drukarstwa] that in turn had been in existence at 1 Żmigród Street since 2008.
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Feel the Soul of Lublin

Over 200 overseas students who are starting up on Lublin universities this year will have the chance to experience the vibe of our city thanks to themed strolls around the city – “Lublin with a Soul”. Those inner city trips are open to young people from Ukraine, Belarus, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and USA. Maria – Curie Skłodowska students (from Ukraine and Belarus), Medical University students (from Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and USA) and University of Economics and Innovation (from Ukraine and Belarus) will take part in this year pilot edition of the programme.

50 minutes and you are in Warsaw

Eurolot is to launch another flight connection from Lublin this time to Warsaw, which will operate 6 times a week. This offer targets passengers in transit for whom it will be convenient and fast to access Warsaw airport from the capital of Lublin province so that such passengers can catch a connecting flight and continue their journey onwards.


City Guards closer to the citizens

Lublin City Guard structure will considerably change since the following year. Officers will be permanently present in the districts and the citizens will be able to address interventions directly to them.

Lublin - Stockholm flights since May 2015

Lublin Airport will have a new flight destination to Sweden since May 21, 2015. Lublin - Stockholm Skavsta flights will be available three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Wizz Air, the flights operator, has also announced increase of its presence on the routes to Oslo and London.



Lublin is one of Poland’s three cities that still operate a regular trolleybus line. Other two cities are Tychy and Gdynia.
One of the Soviet ZIU trolleybuses owned by the Municipal Public Transport Company (MPK) was renovated in 2003. The old regular seats were taken out, and restaurant tables were installed, along with a small bar and toilets. The new version is called ZIUTEK and may be used for promotional activities.